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October 25 2012


Love and Romance Stories

Summertime is here and many of us will fall madly in love.

Is summertime a good time to fall madly in love.

These are just a few with the questions i ask myself.

Some answers will probably be found here also.

Romantic books

When summer comes to town, most of us leave the house for a walk, we to use the park.

We feel lighter and open for adventure. It even feels as though enjoying a fast lunch on a terrasse.

Suddenly our eyes capture an attractive image and that image is indeed strong that individuals feel and so are drawn to it.

The year progresses which image turns into a friend last but not least an admirer.

We pass our summer vacation together plus it feels like this can last forever.

We spend as much time as possible together.

Inside, we know this will not last but and we don't desire to think about it.

Suddenly as soon as it came, it is going!

School, work, responsabilities of all kind appears to come back.

Just like a flash, our vacation has ended and our relationship doesn't seems as strong since it was when the summer began!

We have to let each other go and continu our lives.

We promise ourselves to maintain in contact but we both know that this can never happen.

Romantic books

Winter arrives and goes! Summer commes back and also the same story recaps however the only change is my buddy.

Love just isn't linked by seasons or moments. Love is within us. If we are ready for this it comes to us.
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